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Haso:Innovation & Technology

Haso (meaning innovation in Japanese) is a company steeped in tradition, whose values include harmony with humankind and nature. Haso Ltd. has a tradition of bringing innovations to the market that help people all over the world lead a more comfortable life and a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Haso:Close to you. Everywhere

Haso employs close to 1’000 people in its locations across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Haso is committed to investing in innovation and marketing to help consumers everywhere.


Haso:Tradition meets technology

The importance of paper in shaping our civilization cannot be under-estimated. From currency to literacy, the greatest advancements of civilization stem from paper. Haso continues the tradition of improving our lives, by bringing a sustainable solution to wet wipes packaging.


Japan is the cradle of a millennia-old tradition in papermaking. It is assumed that paper was introduced from China as early as the first century AD.

The Japanese Imperial Court encouraged the development of papermaking, and abundantly available kozo became the main raw material.

Now, 1900 years later, Haso is harnessing technology and paper-making tradition to bring a more sustainable solution to every day life.